Scott Guinto grew up far away from the ocean, but he stuck to the notion that if you can dream it, and work hard, you can make anything happen. At an early age, he found inspiration for shaping in books, surfing trips, and a dear Hawaiian friend Blue Pau, who was the catalyst in shaping his first board.

In attending trade shows, Scott has been extremly fortunate to meet, and gain valuable insight from, shapers all over the world (from beginners to experts).

In manufactuing a modern day 'world class' surfboard, Scott spends most of his time studing and testing surfboard materials and how they co-exist to make the best possible surfboard.

Formed in 2007, Scott Guinto Surfboards LLC, is a cumulation of Scott's life efforts and determination to shape world class surfboards. We strive to deliver quality surfboards, that you can trust. 

Scott Guinto Surfboards is a proud member of SIMA (Surf Industry Manufactures Association).

"...ever since I was a kid, all I wanted to do was to shape surfboards." - sg

Surf Companies that support us.

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