Custom Board Order

Since 2003, we have been committed to creating the highest quality, custom surfboards, hand shaped for surfers of all skill levels. Custom surfboards allows Scott to work directly with his customers, to design and craft a surfboard from scratch. This interaction keeps in mind their specific skill level, and what surf locations the board can best glide into. 

We use only the highest grade materials available on the market, which are more costly and labor intensive to produce. The base price for a modern short board is $425.00. Extra costs include carbon fiber, vector net, artwork, etc. Orders take 4-6 weeks and can vary depending on our current schedule cording to when the order is placed. A deposit will be required when placing a custom board order.

Questions? We are here to make your design of a custom surfboard a fun and enjoyable experience. Scott will go above and beyond to work with you to shape the perfect surfboard. Contact us to get your questions answered or start the ordering process. 

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